Public Speaking, Lectures & Keynotes

Are you looking for a speaker for your next event? I am available as a speaker!


Areas of Impact

  • People, Power & Place
  • Inclusive & Regenerative Tourism
  • Heritage & Cultural Districts
  • “Stepping Out of Place”: Re-Think Place, Re-Think Your Self
  • Decolonizing Tourism
  • The Power of Socio-Ecological Thinking

Previous Speaking Engagements

  • Onboard Lecturer, American Cruise Lines
  • Onboard Lecturer, Pearl Mist Cruises
  • Synergy Summit for Cultural and Heritage Tourism
  • Community Reinvestment Alliance Summit
  • Imagine Miami Summit on Arts, Culture & Civic Engagement
  • Imagine Miami Changemaker Conferences
  • Cultivating Creative Communities: Local Solutions for Global Success
  • National Community Reinvestment Coalition Annual Meeting
  • Neighborhoods USA Conference on Neighborhood Concerns
  • World of Women Leaders Conference
Corinna Moebius
Multicultural Heritage Tourism Conference

Dr. Moebius’ research, personal experiences, candor and ease of which she disseminates facts, policy and opinion makes her the perfect speaker. At our annual summit, attended by over 230 non-profits, financial institutions, elected officials, government staff and community leaders, Dr. Moebius delivered a presentation that was very well received. The Community Reinvestment Alliance of Florida plans to have her speak exclusively as soon as possible. I fully endorse Dr. Moebius.

Cornell Crews Jr.

Executive Director, Community Reinvestment Alliance of South Florida (CRASF)