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Are you at a crossroads, trying to step into the intricate dance that brings sustainable urban development together with justice, inclusion and diversity? If you work in tourism, planning, or other place-related professions, perhaps you struggle to balance these priorities.

Maybe you’re familiar with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, but applying them to your business, organization, or initiative remains elusive, and you don’t think they do enough to address links between urban sustainability and justice. Now, imagine being able to see the possibilities, in part because you’ve freed yourself from mechanistic thinking and are aware of tools and movements for change.

I’m Dr. Corinna Moebius, and I teach inclusive and regenerative approaches to tourism, placemaking, and community development.

Think Differently, with Inclusive & Regenerative Approaches

My place-related courses, workshops, and walkshops introduce you to the world of critical, emancipatory and regenerative thinking and design, offering you knowledge, tools and perspectives embraced by eco-social innovators worldwide. I teach online and through immersive, place-based experiences that inspire personal growth, as well.

Learn how you can contribute to a world where socio-ecological justice thrives and our beloved Earth flourishes.

About Corinna J. Moebius, Ph.D.

I’m a longtime disruptor with a diverse skill set, interdisciplinary knowledge, and a wealth of cross-sector experience. In other words, I’m familiar with innovating from the intersections of theories and practice. As a hybrid cultural anthropologist / urban geographer, seasoned tourism professional, and longtime eco-social entrepreneur, I bring a unique perspective to my teaching, consulting and research.

With expertise in inclusive and regenerative tourism, multi-stakeholder public engagement, and creative placemaking, my experience in consulting, teaching, and eco-social impact spans decades. In addition to my Ph.D. in Global & Sociocultural Studies, I hold certifications in regenerative design, arts management, and visionary leadership, reflecting my longtime commitment to innovative approaches.

I am deeply dedicated to fostering inclusive, culturally vibrant and sustainable communities. My work with nonprofits, foundations, city agencies, and Mayor’s offices has been instrumental in advancing initiatives that prioritize equity, local economies, and sustainable practices. For instance, I directed a countywide civic engagement initiative, authored the “Youth Visions for Stronger Neighborhoods” curriculum for after-school programs nationwide, and served as the equity consultant for a mayor’s task force on racial and ethic equality.

I remain committed to transformative change. Learn more.

Corinna Moebius


The experience & expertise I bring to this work & why I care so deeply about the work that I do.


My approach to inclusive and regenerative thinking and methodologies for change.


 Learn about my courses and workshops, immersive experiences, speaking, consulting and coaching.


My own and others’ insights on place and eco-social impact.

What People Are Saying …

"You rocked! Everyone loved it."

Your knowledge is deep, critical, nuanced and embodied! You synthesized subjective embodied feeling with critical history as part of a deep learning experience. Thank you again for making this class and the world a little better.

Sallie Hughes
Associate Professor, Dean for Global Engagement, University of Miami

"Corinna sees the forest and each tree at the same time. She can communicate complex material in a form that everyone understands: via word, image, sound, motion, and silence.

She has a deep, intuitive sense about different learning styles, interpersonal reactions to group activities, and creating space for individual co-learning and expression.”

Anthony Olivieri
FHEED (Food for Health, the Environment, Economy & Democracy)

"This was by far one of the best tours I have ever been on."

Although I have been familiar with Calle Ocho and Little Havana for a couple decades, Corinna was able to provide a great deal of new information that would be available only to a resident and someone who lived with the local culture daily.

She did so in a way that was not only interesting and vivacious, but was able to explain things to participants at a variety of different levels.

Tina Bucavalas
Director of Florida Cultural Resources, Inc.
(former Director of the Florida Folklife Program of the Florida Department of State)

"Magical and life-changing."

Pura Vida, Peace & Light!

Jai Thando Stephens
Fellow, Sustain the Culture

"Corinna draws on a bevy of experience across nature, business, academia, culture, arts, and the human spirit."

Ruth Young

The Garden: Digging into Stories

The Garden: Digging into Stories

In my neighborhood’s community garden, we share the tasks, work together, and share the day’s harvest. This is how we cultivate a spirit of community.

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